Allen Lunde, AMFT

Allen Lunde, AMFT

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Allen Lunde, AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
CA License #128165

A lifelong interest in relieving suffering, both in himself and in others, inspired Allen’s passion for psychology. After a long career working at a university, he was finally able to fulfill his dream of becoming a psychotherapist in 2020. It has all been as rewarding as he’s imagined.

Allen believes that the ability to connect to another with unconditional acceptance and caring is truly healing. It’s this belief that’s made Nysa Therapy such a wonderful fit for him, and vice versa. 

Since joining the practice in 2021, Allen’s use of the Nysa method has been incredibly  transformative for both himself and his patients. “Nysa therapy is the best solution I’ve seen to address the day-to-day suffering of people who struggle with personality disorders. Even in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen progress with my patients that I would not have imagined prior to learning the Nysa method and putting it into practice.”

When not working at Nysa, Allen spends time going on long walks in the park while listening to his favorite band, The Grateful Dead or preparing for his annual trip to Burning Man. Local theater patrons may recognize Allen from his many roles in local productions.

Allen’s advice to therapists who are interested in exploring the Nysa Method:

I highly recommend learning the Nysa method. Whether you recognize it or not, many of your patients are suffering from personality disorder. This method can ease their suffering.