Reflections on “Quiet” Personality Disorder

Most people lead lives of quiet desperation. – Henry David Thoreau – As strange as this might sound, I’ve always loved this quote. Since I was a teenager this quote has explained a feeling I have about many of the people I meet every day. Most are friendly and appropriate…

What is Personality Disorder?

What is Personality Disorder? We are often asked this question by both patients and clinicians. Our definition most certainly goes beyond what you’d find in the DSM, because at Nysa Therapy, our focus is on WHY personality disorder makes sense, and why mental health practitioners should EXPECT patients to act…
Suzanne Papini wears a blue dress with pink flowers on it.

Congratulations, Suzanne!

We’ve got some exciting news to share… Suzanne Papini, one of our very own Nysa Therapists, has passed the Marriage and Family Therapist licensing exam! The hours of education and dedication it takes to become a licensed therapist is no easy task, and we’ve been proud to be a part of…
LGBTQ+ couple Nysa Therapy

Forget LGBTQ+ Acceptance; We Celebrate! Honoring LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

Happy Pride Month! June is here and that means we have a whole month to shout out our pride in the millions of LGBTQ+ family, friends, and communities around the world.  All of us at Nysa Therapy are hardcore devoted supporters of LGBTQ+ people.  There is a reason for this. …
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This Year, Let’s Throw Out Resolutions in Favor of Relationship

As we enter the New Year, it is common for us to reflect on the past and set goals for the year ahead. While there is nothing inherently wrong with intention setting or making resolutions, these practices can miss the mark in therapy with patients who are struggling with personality.
Ta'Shanne has short curly black hair and is wearing a white blouse.

Congratulations, Ta’Shanne!

It’s official! Congratulations to Ta’Shanne Horn for passing the licensing exam and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)! We are proud of all she has done to contribute to the Nysa Team, and inspired by her efforts to learn and develop as a clinical social worker.