Stephen Diggs, PhD

Stephen Diggs, PhD

  • Position: Director of Nysa Therapy, Psychologist
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  • Location: 572 Rio Lindo Avenue, #203, Chico, CA 95926
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Stephen Diggs, PhD

Director of Nysa Therapy
CA License #18239

Stephen Diggs is the Founder and Director of Nysa Therapy, where he has dedicated 20 years of his 40-year career as a mental health practitioner. He has been studying psychology continuously since 1972, and primarily treating personality disorder since 1995. He has also been training other therapists in personality disorder treatment since 1997.

Stephen spent most of his life with a horrible and painful personality disorder. He has wanted nothing else but to be well and free from this disorder. It makes him both happy and proud to know that Nysa Therapy is deeply committed to healing personality disorder and stopping this pain in as many people as possible. At Nysa, Stephen loves watching our therapist, Ta’Shanne Horn, heal severe disorders like Dissociative Identity Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or Borderline Personality Disorder. Her ability to penetrate the most difficult defenses is amazing. And, seeing her patients get well and get happy is food for his soul!

When he’s not working at Nysa Therapy, Stephen loves music. He wears out his Spotify, jumping around from Miles Davis to Bob Dylan to Beethoven! And, he plays guitar as much as he can.

Here’s what Stephen has to offer to therapists who are interested in learning the Nysa Method:

Come join us! This is some of the hardest yet most thrilling work you will find in the world of psychotherapy. You will be asked to use your heart, brain, and gut in equal measure, a task that makes you a deeper and more humble person, not just a trained expert.