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Ta'Shanne has short curly black hair and is wearing a white blouse.

Congratulations, Ta’Shanne!

It’s official! Congratulations to Ta’Shanne Horn for passing the licensing exam and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)! We are proud of all she has done to contribute to the Nysa Team, and inspired by her efforts to learn and develop as a clinical social worker.
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We’ve Moved (Upstairs)

We’ve been busy here at Nysa Therapy, and we’re moving up in the world — literally! Thanks to our Nysa Staff, we successfully relocated our office to the top floor of our building, and we are delighted to enjoy more space for our expanding work.
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Things are Happening!

It’s been a pretty crazy couple of years since we opened the doors of Nysa Therapy here on Rio Lindo Avenue in April 2016. We wanted to be both a clinic and a place of learning. Our goal was to genuinely help out our patients using our integrative methods of…
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I had no idea.

In September of 2016 I had a job that I loved and left with a heavy-heart. I thoroughly enjoyed my co-workers and clients and had finally figured out how to manage all the paperwork. It was there that I had had my first encounter with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder…
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A Tornado Hit My Doll House

I LOVE ORDER!! I’ve always loved order. But more than order itself, I love making order out of chaos and cleaning up messes. In fact, one of my childhood memories is pretending that a tornado was blowing through my doll house. I’d wave my hands around in every room, scattering…
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Welcome to the new

We are all very excited here at Nysa Therapy to introduce you to our new website. The new is not only a great place to get introduced to our work, but also a dynamic and ongoing resource to become informed about our unique approach to treating personality disorders.