About Nysa

Ta’Shanne Horn

Ta’Shanne Horn, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(CA Lic#: 89313)

Ta’Shanne brings her extensive experience in social work to her role as a therapist, trainer, and peer consultant at Nysa Therapy, Inc. Her warm and engaging nature, and her skill at applying the principles of the Nysa Method, make her a highly sought-after therapist who is universally appreciated by her patients.

Ta’Shanne’s field research into innovative and radical approaches to treating borderline personality disorder is challenging conventional ideas about outcomes for this population. Her interventions are proving to be capable of rapidly and pervasively altering extreme and dramatic defense structures that are intimidating to most clinicians. She has the delightful ability to make therapists believe in their own potential to engage with severe personality disorders and ultimately to heal them.