Congratulations, Suzanne!

Suzanne Papini wears a blue dress with pink flowers on it.

We’ve got some exciting news to share… Suzanne Papini, one of our very own Nysa Therapists, has passed the Marriage and Family Therapist licensing exam! The hours of education and dedication it takes to become a licensed therapist is no easy task, and we’ve been proud to be a part of Suzanne’s journey to this milestone.

Suzanne has been with Nysa Therapy since 2019, working with patients and receiving ongoing supervision from Dr. Stephen Diggs, PhD. As a licensed therapist, Suzanne will continue her work while exploring her passions and interests at Nysa. She is passionate about working with people who identify as LGBTQ+, and exploring the themes of sex and sexuality in therapy with all patients. Additionally, as a Karuna Reiki Master, Suzanne brings energy work into her practice with patients.

Congratulations, Suzanne, for reaching this goal. We cannot wait to see you continue to grow as a Nysa Therapist, and continue to help us evolve this work.

To learn all about Suzanne’s background, check out here staff profile here.