A Tornado Hit My Doll House

The view of a sunset behind the ocean shows a pink and purple sky

A Tornado Hit My Doll House

Written by Mary W.

I LOVE ORDER!! I’ve always loved order. But more than order itself, I love making order out of chaos and cleaning up messes. In fact, one of my childhood memories is pretending that a tornado was blowing through my doll house. I’d wave my hands around in every room, scattering furniture and “people”. Then… I’d get to clean it up and set everything right again. Now, that was fun!

In June 2015, I heard Steve present for the first time, and I was fascinated by his work. Over the next few months we talked about his vision of opening a clinic and training therapists in the method he’d developed. But he confessed that, while he’s a great theorist, organization and making something a reality aren’t his strengths. And me? I’m not such a great idea person, but I can organize anything. How perfect is that?!

Our partnership was launched, and today Nysa Therapy is in its second year as a small business. Our first two therapist are in place in the clinic, and our training program is taking hold. I’m in my natural element putting structure and systems in place and taking care of daily operations, and Steve is freed up to create.

It doesn’t get much better than this!

– Mary Wittenberg, MPA