We are all very excited here at Nysa Therapy to introduce you to our new website. The new is not only a great place to get introduced to our work, but also a dynamic and ongoing resource to become informed about our unique approach to treating personality disorders. The site will be kind of a living entity with frequently updated blogs and videos about the theory and the practice of Nysa Therapy. We also hope that it serves as a conduit to get your feedback, questions, and inspire your own contributions to the conversation. We love hearing from you and learning about your experiences.

When we were putting this site together (with the assistance of DK Web Design) we were thinking that we wanted to somehow reach other therapists, people struggling with personality disorders and anyone who was interested in learning more about these unique and difficult conditions. We hope that the information contained on our site motivates, informs, and arouses curiosity. Maybe you’d like to try something different in your practice or attend one of our free Monday night trainings. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even share your challenges or personal success stories with us! So, check out what we’ve put out so far, check back for new stuff, and check in to let us know what you think.