Dr. Steven Diggs & Dr. Rebecca Diggs Chico State Humanities Center Lecture

Posted by Adam on 4/10/2018

The Shift from Problems to Exceptions (video)

Posted by Adam on 3/14/2018
We've produced a series of one-minutes videos in which we discuss some aspect of Nysa Therapy's integrated approach to treating personality disorders. In this months video Dr. Diggs discusses how…

Separation vs Attachment-Based Disorders

Posted by Adam on 2/22/2018
Adam writes about the division between attachment-based personality disorders and separation-based personality disorders.

The shift from focusing on behaviors to defensive structures (video)

Posted by Adam on 2/12/2018
In this one-minute (literally) video, Dr. Diggs answers the question of why Nysa Therapy focuses on defensive structures rather than behaviors.

The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference 2017

Posted by Adam on 12/19/2017
Adam sums up his experience of attending the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Personality Disorders Demystified: A Review from a NYSA Therapy Newbie

Posted by Kyla on 10/30/2017
Kyla talks about her first introduction to one of our all day conferences and her new job working with personality disorders.

Attunement (video)

Posted by Adam on 10/26/2017
Here is a short clip about attunement when working with challenging behaviors.

Training and Tacos! Perfect together.

Posted by Adam on 10/04/2017
Lunch provided by the Amigos de Acapulco taco truck!!

We Welcome a New Member to Our Team

Posted by Adam on 9/29/2017
Join us in welcoming our newest therapist, Kyla Super (ASW78904). Kyla is an associate social worker who will be working under the direct supervision of Dr. Stephen Diggs. She brings her own unique…

I had no idea

Posted by Tashanne on 9/19/2017
Ta'Shanne describes the changes and challenges she has faced both personally and professionally when she first started working at Nysa Therapy.