Welcome Michele Lando to the Nysa team

Posted by Adam on 8/20/2018
We've hired a new therapists here at Nysa. Meet Michele Lando.

Farewell to the Monday Night Discussion Group

Posted by Adam on 8/20/2018
We recently ended our free discussion group. Here's a little bit about the group and what's next.

Things are happening

Posted by Adam on 8/18/2018
We're busy at Nysa developing new and exciting ways to spread the word about the Nysa Method. Here's a quick summary of what we're working on.

Dr. Steven Diggs & Dr. Rebecca Diggs Chico State Humanities Center Lecture

Posted by Adam on 4/10/2018

The Shift from Problems to Exceptions (video)

Posted by Adam on 3/14/2018
We've produced a series of one-minutes videos in which we discuss some aspect of Nysa Therapy's integrated approach to treating personality disorders. In this months video Dr. Diggs discusses how…

Separation vs Attachment-Based Disorders

Posted by Adam on 2/22/2018
Adam writes about the division between attachment-based personality disorders and separation-based personality disorders.

The shift from focusing on behaviors to defensive structures (video)

Posted by Adam on 2/12/2018
In this one-minute (literally) video, Dr. Diggs answers the question of why Nysa Therapy focuses on defensive structures rather than behaviors.

The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference 2017

Posted by Adam on 12/19/2017
Adam sums up his experience of attending the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Personality Disorders Demystified: A Review from a NYSA Therapy Newbie

Posted by Kyla on 10/30/2017
Kyla talks about her first introduction to one of our all day conferences and her new job working with personality disorders.

Attunement (video)

Posted by Adam on 10/26/2017
Here is a short clip about attunement when working with challenging behaviors.
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